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Recruitment becomes child's play! The interface of TS-Talent PRO is fun and focused on simplicity and efficiency, requiring little training. However, our team can guide you through the best practices to made your recruitment better and faster.


You can add as many users as you want and assign roles to each. Roles allow you to determine who has access to what. Recruiter or manager? Both work together in the same system but their respective confidential data stays private.

Easy To Customize

Want to add, remove, or change a feature? Ask us! Techso can customise TS-Talent to integrate perfectly with your recruitment practices. TS-Talent was developed by our in-house programmers, and we can add custom features or modify it to align with your business processes.


Security and confidentiality have become more important than ever, especially for sensitive personal information. Techso is aware of this reality and takes steps to reduce risk through information encryption, two-factor authentication, and other leading-edge technologies.

TS-Talent PRO is built for Human Ressources

Optimize your recruit process, close faster, organize your ressources better and stay focus on candidates easily !

Awesome Features

TS-Talent PRO contains dozens of features to simplify your HR process and raise your recruitment to the next level!


✓Candidates Portal with Document Sharing
✓Secure Access
✓Management & Personalized Emails
✓Communications Timeline

Process Management

✓Drag & Drop Documents right in the App
✓Create your Own Categories
✓Notify the Right People
✓Personalized Interview Questions

Work Supervision

✓Analysis of the Applicant’s Progress
✓Give Roles to Each User in a few clicks
✓Design Your Own Reports
✓Communication History
✓Full-text Search

Job Postings

✓Design and management of job postings
✓Display campaign information
✓Assign candidates to job postings
✓Secure and interactive portal for candidates
✓Web solution, accessible from any device

ATS Reporting

✓Report the application funnel
✓Optimize job openings
✓Improve candidates experience
✓Maximize employer brand

AI Experience

✓Manage the candidate experience with AI
✓Easy follow up process for the candidate
✓Easy tracking and supervising mode

iOS Application

TS-Talent PRO has now its application called TS-Talent Mobile on iOS


TS-TALENT PRO is the recruitment and applicant tracking system that solves the issue of efficiently managing the hiring process. It streamlines and automates a three-step approach. Hiring Management , Resume Management and Process Management. The three-step approach reduces the time to hire, lightens the administrative workload and improves the ability to attract the most talented candidates.

Demo Request - Information

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